Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Waco in the making?

Another Waco in the making? Extremist cult compound. Totalitarian leader. Weapons. Spiked fences. Dogma includes clearing the planet. Secrecy. It's got all the makings of one.

KESQ (News Channel 3, Palm Desert, CA) begins its third week of covering the Church of Scientology's International Headquarters (Gold Base or Golden Era Productions) by looking into the confidential security arrangements inside their center. [past KESQ videos]

Baca: There is actually a three way war going on here. There is a group of protestors who often gather outside the gates. There is a group of Scientologists who left this place but still believe in their religion away from the reach of church administration. Those who remain behind these gates do so because they believe they are saving the world. The question some are now asking is: at what cost?

On a side note, the location of this gold base seems to be more and more difficult to pinpoint on Google Maps since this series on Scientology VS Anonymous started. If you punch in Golden Era Productions at Google Maps, you get 2 flags for the base. "A" seems to point to a patch of nothing just north of the base, and "B" is a side street off of Gilman Springs Road, but listed as San Jacinto rather than Hemet.

So I just use my own bookmark labeled David Miscavage's 24 carrot patch, home of the end of the rabbit hole. You can always bookmark it in case the FBI or ATF ever make a raid there.

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