Friday, March 20, 2009

TomKat replaced by DanBi?

tomkat danbi Now that young whipper-snappers Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips are planning on getting hitched, makes me wonder if they'll be replacing the aging bat shit insane Scientology couple currently on top of the super thetan pile.

As mentioned in eonline, the head honchos at the Scientology Celeb Centre simply must be aware that people follow celebs anywhere, even into religions. So which twosome is the best bet for getting some 'raw' meat onboard?

If these two value their careers, you'd think they'd steer clear of the Golden Era red carpet. Remember what it did for the couch jumper's cinema stats?
I don't see this as a couple that's going to hide all the bad press surfacing about Scientology's private prison system, or their galactic overlord. You'd have to be super-human with planet moving powers to do that. Oh, wait. They have that, don't they? What was I thinking?

And in closing, DanBi? Sounds a like the kinder, gentler Scientology. Just a little too politically correct.

danbi:Danny Masterson Bijou Phillips

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