Friday, March 20, 2009

KESQ: Scientology's Secret Prison Workforce Part 2

Jeff Hawkins interview Part 2

KESQ-News Channel 3 sent former Scientology marketing director and Portland, OR. resident Jeff Hawkins to KATU-TV, the local ABC television station, where he revealed what happened during his years inside Scientology's world headquarters in Hemet, CA. called "IntBase." His account of what goes on behind these fences is one of religious punishment and imprisonment .[part 2 of 2 below][part 1 of 2]

Below is an older ABC News report on the Rehabilitation Project Force Camps (or RPF's) in Clearwater, FL. The Nazi's called them Concentration Camps. To the Soviets they were Gulags. And in China they are Camps for Re-Education. They're all the same thing. Places designed to break the spirit and the body of the criminal inmates.
    So, who ends up in the RPF?
  1. People deemed to have hidden evil intentions (detected by the E-meter).
  2. People who were unproductive and scored poorly on the personality test.
  3. Repeated "stat crashers" (people who were held responsible for declines in Scientology organizations' productivity)
  4. "Overt product makers" (people who produced poor-quality work).
  5. People who spoke against any member of the church or church activity (declared a Suppressive Person).

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