Thursday, April 23, 2009 Scrapes 'Fresh Meat' but 'Serves Spam'

Yesterday I was checking to make sure Google's Blog Search picked up my article, and lo-and-behold, my headline is being used in a blog-spam link farm. Not just one day, but two in a row. What really tics me off is that it got a better listing than my article, and it was a bunch of nonsensical sentences strung together.

Well, this is a first for me, so I commenced on learning some more about it. Thanks to's article Web Spam 101: Blog Farms and Copy Swapping, it turns out isn't a link farm after all.
It falls into the category mush blog farm or frog blog farm (I understand why they have those names, but couldn't find any annotations elsewhere on the net). Here's where we get to what happened to me [see image]:

"Spammers fell in love with the mush blog, where they set up robots to scrape text from other blogs, from forums, from news alerts (that auto-posting through email came in handy, didn’t it?), etc. and create small posts. Some of the mush blogs are pretty sophisticated and a few of them have lasted for several years."

So I went over to Google's spam-report and filled it out. Whether will eventually disappear from google's blog search, it's anybody's guess. Let's see... what's on the menu for lunch today? Spam, ...again.

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