Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scientology Searches for 'Fresh Meat'

Rumor is, Tom Cruise may be going the way of Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. Put out to pasture at the Scientology Celebrity Center dead horse farm. Seems when you've done too many strange things in public and deflect rather than attract new recruits into the cult, they go in search of young fresh meat to replace their insidious fledging stars. But Tom's work isn't over yet. He has to find his replacement.

FactNet explains: Every possible effort, pressure, and sales tactic is brought to bear on existing celebrity membership to recruit other new celebrities into Scientology. Celebrities are heavily indoctrinated to their duty and responsibility of recruiting new celebrities. They also are expected to constantly promote and talk about Scientology. Recruiting and other Scientology promoting activities proves their loyalty to the organization and approves their security clearance to go to the next secret level. Celebrity activity is closely monitored. If they don't promote Scientology in their media coverage or if they don't promote it at their events or do special events for Scientology their loyalty is questioned.

That's where Angelina Jolie comes in. According to, "...a top member of the Church of Scientology revealed that Angelina Jolie is the highest target on the Church’s celebrity recruiting list ". What could possibly interest Jolie about Scientology? Well, goes on to say, "...sources say Cruise told Jolie he wanted to honor her with a special Scientology humanitarian award for her charity work".

There's the carrot.

• Back to FactNet: Scientology [also] exploits celebrities' vulnerability by providing a false but seemingly "meaningful" new role for their celebrity power. Scientology involvement suggests to the celebrity that they are going to be more than just fluff and frill, or another Hollywood empty headed pretty face or a sex symbol. Scientology gradually suggests to targeted celebrities that by joining this world movement they become part of a secret and special elite and are gaining a "world historic destiny" for their celebrity power. In the shallow celebrity world of Hollywood this is a powerful initial intoxication and inducement to get involved.

If she does decide to accept the award, I hope she and the people around her are grounded enough not to fall prey Scientology's "admiration-bomb". It would seem this devastating ego missile is a favorite used from Scientology's Hollywood arsenal.

FactNet tells us, the late Yvonne Jentzsch, the original head and originator of the first Celebrity Center, said the way to hook celebrities is to "admiration-bomb" them. (This means you emotionally over flood them with attention and admiration.) From her teaching and example, the Scientology staff quickly learned as a method of invisible but powerful control to give celebrities the excessive God-like admiration they are vulnerable to.

A former celebrity center staff members reports watching her handle celebrities. Yvonne demonstrated that she could "push these admiration and attention buttons" on the celebrities to get them to do just about anything. On one hand, she'd say "We really can use these celebrities to bring in more people", and on the other hand she would talk derogatorily about the various celebrities that she was manipulating.

Keep in mind that celebrities are usually not college graduates with Doctorates. Most celebrities have no idea that there is such sophisticated and pervasive hidden manipulation governing every step of the recruiting process used to get them into Scientology.
Generally celebrities got into show business to achieve fame (attention and admiration.) These are ready made hooks for them. The Scientology recruiting con is so good that during the recruiting meeting the target celebrity is made to think that the new friends (hidden recruiters) are friendly, VERY knowledgeable and the offers of help or benefit being suggested are just the perfect coincidence to provide what just happened to be needed.

Let's all hope Jolie doesn't have a fetish for awards on the mantel. I certainly don't want to see her doing an interview video like the one below with Lara Croft soundtrack playing in the background. I don't think the internet could handle that much of a load, never mind the servers at YouTube. Not to say what it would do to her career, ehh Tom?

Read more about celebrities in Scientology at FactNet: Scientology Recruits Hollywood

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