Sunday, April 5, 2009

Butch Brokeback and the Couchjump Kid

[ ] Oh, God, No. They're going to ruin another classic. The 1969 Western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Cruise, 46, wants to cast himself as Redford's Sundance, while Travolta, 55, will attempt the role of Newman's Cassidy.

Apparently because the pair of operating theatans can't come up with an original idea on their own, and their favorite writer, L.Ron Hubbard isn't available. In fact Travolta found out how well Hubbard's stuff sells in Battlefield Earth.

According to a senior executive, Cruise is already interviewing screenwriters capable of recapturing the essence of the original. Hummm, can't find anybody at Scientology's Golden Era Productions to do it?

Supposedly, Cruise got the blessing of Paul Newman, who played Cassidy in the original opposite Robert Redford's Sundance, just months before the film star succumbed to lung cancer last September, an associate revealed. Hummm, just like David Miscavage got the blessing from Hubbard to take over Scientology. Funny how those things get approved after people die.

Travolta and Cruise, both Scientologists and longtime friends, have been 'itching to do something big on screen together', said a source. I think they manufacture a lotion that can remedy that.

Cruise's spokesman declined to comment. Of course.

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