Thursday, April 2, 2009

KESQ: Child Labor, Abortions Inside Scientology

KESQ: Former Scientologists Claim Coerced Abortions, Child Labor Inside Church
Former Scientologist Maureen Bolstad:
• "I was actually one of the older ones at 17. There were 13-year-olds, 12-year-olds," Bolstad recollects. "There was just one kid, 12-years-old that was given an executive responsibility doing something. He had a complete nervous breakdown."
• "I was taught to lie too. I got a worker's comp claim form. They ask you how many hours do you work a week. And I was told to put 40 hours."
• "If a woman gets pregnant, and does not abort the child, then they are declared a suppressive person. Because, it kind of started out gradually. At first, the thing was, the Church of Scientology International did not want to pay for child care."

Also, at the end of the segment, Nathan Baca calls out Tommy Davis, spokesman for Church of Scientology, and David Miscavage, leader of the Church of Scientology, for a comment on what Channel 3 had run thus far on the Scientology VS Anonymous . As of now, no reply from either. I believe their silence speaks volumes.
It seems when given the chance to advertise their church on a news segment with softball questions, they jump right at the chance, but when cornered on specifics about their pay as you go religion, they are suddenly at a loss for words.
Odd since their cornerstone, supposedly, is built on communication.

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