Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leaked: Miscavige's Meaningless Mouth

From the blog, ask the scientologist:
Scientologists, I am sure, are all atwitter about David Miscavige's recent big, bloated "LRH Birthday Event". Miscavige did what he calls a "rolling thunder" presentation of impressive statistics, one right after another, big numbers, delivered with much emphasis. And meaningless. Statistics are meaningless unless you have something to compare them with. Over what period of time? Exactly what was done? And what were the results?

I don't know who writes his speeches (maybe he does), but I can only handle listening to his dribble a few minutes at a time. Here are some other opinions of his speech from WWP:

The embellishments and exaggerations in this exceed those from that "Bagdad Bob" guy (or whatever his name was). Look at what they imply re great expansion and then look at your local orgs for example. It's full of meaningless hot air (eg: "golden age of pulp fiction", etc.). They are "experts" at using words and to create false impressions (such as Guinniess book of world records of LRH being the most published author on earth which is meaningless when you consider they sit in libraries mostly unread and people are forced to buy and rebuy them).

Why is DM spouting the bullshit so fast? Is it so the audience don't have time to take it all in and question it, and instead just get blinded by impressive "facts and figures"? Or did someone put Red Bull in his daily bottle of scotch?

...the amount of meaningless statistics [citations needed] forced into DM's first 3 minutes makes my brain hurt. I assume that he laid them down so thick and fast purposely so no one there could follow and think about them.

I can only watch this in small doses so as not to puke.

• ...given the dismal scilon situation in ohio, i would have never guessed that scientology is not only expanding like asexual bacteria in a dark damp hole, but that it is singlehandedly terraforming mars and neptune for future colonization by fully armed and operational battle-thetans.

So basically DM doesn't even try to tell the truth anymore.

After watching the you tube video you posted, I feel I have lost a few brain cells, and honestly I can't afford to loose more!:eek:

I'm 30 minutes into it and my friggin' head is spinning from info. overwhelm..

He rarely even lets the crowd laugh at his lame jokes. He just plows on through without stopping. Fucking brutal.

Watched the whole thing. Feel a little nauseated, think it's from the numbers that DM spits out. What is the base line for those numbers, is it on a yearly basis or from when Co$ started?

On the plus side of this epic fail, over-stuffed glitzbag of shiny lies we can laugh at the fact that DM is taking the cult down fast as the brainwashed Scientologists believe the fake stats and so think nothing is really wrong. There is nothing like fake data to bring down any organization as its steering goes off the cliff. Brace for Anon epic win if the little self-adoring tyrant continues his ego-fest.

And below, a little taste of what everyone above was critiquing:
Warning: You'll find Miscavige uses the word "indeed" as much as a politician overuses the phrase "fact of the matter is". It's like his own built-in lie detector going off.

More of this horrendous speech here.

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