Monday, April 20, 2009

Scientology, Jeff Hawkins and the Streisand Effect

Jeff Hawkins spent 35 years working for the Church of Scientology, all over the world, and at all echelons, including the top level at the Scientology International Base in Hemet, California. He left Scientology three years ago and has no further connection to corporate Scientology.

He just recently viewed Scientology's 2009 L.Ron Hubbard Birthday celebration video that was leaked onto the web. Here's some of his tongue in cheek thoughts on it in an open letter to David Miscavage:

First, that opening montage. Brilliant. With all of the talk about Scientology being a ”sci-fi religion,” any lesser being would have shied away from that wall-to-wall science fiction imagery. But not you! No, siree! You didn’t flinch from presenting Scientology like a cheesy sci-fi video game!

And that set. Amazing. It looks…well…exactly like every other set Henning Bendorff has ever designed for you. I guess there’s a virtue in monotony.

And the “rolling thunder” technique you told us fledgling speechwriters about so many times. Yes, I remember, that’s what you called it. Brilliantly executed here. How could I forget “rolling thunder” – your way of presenting information that just builds and builds and builds – all on one long run-on sentence preferably - leading up to a massive applause point. It goes sort of like this:

“Take hundreds of orgs and missions spanning the planet and add to it thousands of missions, groups, dog grooming franchises and ice cream vendors, add in all the people who have ever Googled “Scientology,” add all of the people we’ve ever even thought about disseminating to, and you have a worldwide juggernaut spreading the truths of Scientology to billions of people worldwide, reaching into every school, police department, drug cartel, Subway sandwich franchise and government on the planet, with LRH’s message now reaching 76 quadrillion beings planetwide, and THAT’s what I call Clearing the Planet on a gargantuan scale!!!” (thundering applause).

But why take the event off the internet? Everyone could enjoy it! And maybe someone could do you a favor and fact-check all the information you gave. Like, for instance, all of the organizations “now using LRH tech.” We could write to them and… Oh, that’s right, you don’t want it fact-checked.

Well Jeff, that's one thing about the internet. Nothing ever goes away. The more you try to hide it, the more it comes back into veiw. [see Streisand_Effect] Think of it as karma's big boomerang.
And now for your viewing enjoyment,another Scientology video event that's never going to go away:

The 2009 L.Ron Hubbard Birthday Event in it's entirety.
Each video is approximately 1 hour long, if you can stand it.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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