Monday, April 27, 2009

Scientology only wants BIG STARS

the bigger, the better

...and your not going to get much bigger star than, former Cheers actress, Kirstie Alley, down at the Big Ol' UFO Celeb Center, in Hollywood Ca. Quoting wikipedia, she thanks (blames) ex-husband Parker Stevenson 'for giving me the big one for the last eight years', You'd think she'd try to find a way to give it all back.

Her increasing gravity-footprint could be explained by L.Ron Hubbard's 'dropping of his body', so he could venture to TARGET 2. Everyone assumed it would be another planet or dimension. Turns out, TARGET 2 might just be under Kirstie's moo-moo. If this is true, then it explains why TARGET 2 has been expanding expeditiously.

Then again, she just might of inherited one big body-thetan. The 200 lb. variety. Better hop on the Emeter-Treadmill to confront and shatter that one.

And what big projects has OT-Alley got on the horizon? Well, if we jump over to IMDB, it seems shes got a blockbuster of a bit part in Nailed coming up (woo-hoo!). Also note, she turned down the role of Saavik in Star Trek III (1984) because the producers would not meet her salary demands and because she didn't want to be typecast as a science fiction actress.
Yeah, better to join a UFO cult and be a sci-fi actress rather than be typecast as someone who just plays one.

See, when you join Scientology, you become a BIG MOVIE STAR. So dole out your hundreds of thousands of dollars today, and you too can become an OT (Overweight Thespian). And when they ask "how big of star do you want to be?", follow Kirstie's lead, and say "SUPER-SIZE ME!"

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