Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tom Loses 'Cruise Control'

Tom Cruise's career may have had its ups and downs, but one thing that's always remained constant are his controlling tendencies.
And this so-called 'Cruise control' is clearest when he's with the glamorous ladies in his life.

These days the super-thetan is usually seen dragging his young robot wife Katie Holmes, along the red carpet, or posing with purpose alongside his supposed close friends.

The domineering stance and tight grip has been Tom's trademark red-carpet move since becoming Hollywood's darling after the big successes of Top Gun and Cocktail.

But there's one little lady in Tom's life that doesn't seem to take a liking to 'the highway speed limit' on Cruise Ave. That is of course, Little Suri.

This little hotrod decided she was going to 'Go Maverick' on dear old dad accompanied by wingman, also brother, Connor, during a stroll in Beverly Hills, Calif.

'Colonel Claus Couchjumper' caught up to 'the last Suri' by the time they needed to cross the street, securing the mischief maker’s little hand in his.

Ahhhhh. Back in control. No more buzzing the tower for you, little missy.

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