Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anonymous Bust'n 'Psych-Busters' in SF

Anonymous Counter Protests 'CCHR' Scientology Front Group : The shrinks are coming to San Francisco this weekend for the annual American Psychiatric Association confab, attracting a slew of protesters. SF Weekly reports that Scientologists demanding a "California Psych-Free Zone" will bus members from Los Angeles to the convention at the Moscone Center, where they plan to hunker down outside with their "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" exhibit for the entire 6-day event starting Saturday, May 16th.

And where there are Scientologists, there are bound to be anti-Scientologists -- namely, Anonymous. With about 10,000 members worldwide, the group of Internet vigilantes denounces the church's tight grip on information and its tax-exempt status.

The online crusaders will be at it again with a counter-demonstration during the APA convention. According to Anonymous' message board, members will follow Scientologists on their parade route [see map]. They also plan to demonstrate outside the church on Columbus Avenue tomorrow night.

From : ...members of Anonymous will be gathering in San Francisco to counter-protest CoS demonstrations outside the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. No one here is telling you what to think of the Church of Scientology or their anti-psychiatry ways, but there's no denying that the battle between the CoS and online commenters got much more interesting when the latter donned the Guy Fawkes masks. Let your geek flag fly and have a good weekend.

You can also follow all the 'play by play' action on Twitter if you're not from the area. (starts 9am PST)

Anonymous issued this press release earlier this week: San Francisco, CA – May 14, 2009 – The American Psychiatric Association (APA) will begin its annual meeting this weekend in San Francisco. The Scientology cult and its various front groups, along with their bizarre “Industry of Death” sideshow, have promised to make the scene, warning the world about the kill-crazy, lobotomy-happy “psychs,” and recruiting new customers for the cult. But also in attendance on the City’s streets and sidewalks will be plenty of members of the “Anonymous” anti-Scientology activist network. Anonymous will be there as truth-tellers, to counter Scientology’s insane and dangerous ravings about the mental health profession, and to expose the cult for what it is: a multi-national criminal organization, set up with numerous do-gooder front groups, all working exclusively toward one openly-declared goal: the “global obliteration of psychiatry.” [continued]

And just had to add a "Psych-Bust'n-Bust'n" (and I didn't stutter) soundtrack to top off todays post. Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters Theme (b-b-b-bust'n makes me feel good...)

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