Sunday, May 17, 2009

David VS Goliath in Anon VS Scientology Protest

Anonymous Twitter feed: "WAKEY WAKEY, EGGS AND BAKEY, ANONYMOUS! IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D DUAL! Please place yourself in an upright and win position."

The Church of Scientology was protesting the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco yesterday. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Scientology's anti-psychiatry activist arm, set-up their "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" exhibit next to the Moscone Center for the duration of the convention.

Scientologists, who where supposed to number in the thousands, but fell shy of the total, bused people up from El Lay and over from Sacramento, to be meet by a good handful of Anonymous, many of whom appear to have personal connections to and detailed knowledge of the Church of Scientology.

You’d have to score this one as a win for the 'Anonymice'. Small in number, but they got their point across.

A summary of the events as told by an Anon on WWP:"...about 300 scilons met at the ferry building, and as previously stated they were mostly young teens or teenagers. The "CCHR Marshals"/protest leaders for the protest to the Industy of Death exibit were mostly LA or SF scifags and they wore red armbands. Let the joke sink in."

"They started at the Ferry Building. 10-15 anons eventually showed up there, and about 30 showed at at Moscone Center to wait. We intermingled with the scilons when they started there march about an hour behind schedule. We were often blocked off by assigned bull-baiters to use their signs to either block our views, movement paths or block the camera views. We even had a couple scifag camera men specifically follow some of our own camera men."

"Phsycs were either way too confused, didn't care or supported anons."

"The march took about 30-45 minutes from the Ferry Building to the Protest area at Moscone Center. The scifags had their bullpen, and the anons our one. It was also right next to theres. We caused some handlers to walk away in disgust by our massive enturublating prowess. The public thought it was funny."

"About at this time, anon population was about 60 vs Scifag 300. Anons from Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, SF and SF South Bay, LA, and San Diego represented (and I think some others? not sure). The scifags still didn't understand that we brought more (and better) protesters then them and that were still outnumbered in many brain cells and 3rd leg inches."

"While often their chants were louder then ours in the pens, they showed that they did not have the stamina to protest for a long time. And after an hour, the scilons left Moscone center to go to their exhibit. An epic battle of sidewalk space and a lane of the street started to take place. Loud chants, both crowds getting excited thinking that each honk was for their own side. There was a time machine."

"Shouting really loud all the time and not doing it right will make you hoarse. By the sidewalk battle, most that were assigned to block us or go against us were supposed to shout louder then us, but couldn't anymore and had gotten hoarse. We eventually wore them down. There members kept leaving in more and more frustration and dwindled until they matched ours and then even less. "

"They gave up more and more sidewalk space until anonymous had fought it's way to their front gate. Took hours. The time machine was destroyed. The scilons snuck out the back/loading zone side after they were done inside instead of coming out the front to deal with us. "

" We were constantly being called biggots, racist, whores, and even even "vermin" by scientologists."

• Pshycs loved us.
• We pissed off a lot of scilons today.
• It was a good day.

Videos below from the (part3) march and (part2) line dancing at the protest.

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