Tuesday, May 19, 2009

newscientist on Psycs VS Scilons VS Anon in SanFran

Blogger Misses The Boat, Cruises Into The Sea Of CopyPasta

Over at newscientist.com, Peter Aldhous visited the Citizens Commission on Human Rights' exhibit, closely linked to the Church of Scientology: Psychiatry - An Industry of Death venue, close to the Moscone Center, where the psychiatrists are holding the American Psychiatric Association Meeting in San Francisco. He had heard the anti-scientology group, Anonymous, was to be there also.

He was expecting fireworks. He was a day late and a dollar short.

He got as big a display as you'd expect on the 5th of July. If you want see fire works, you show up when they're being lit. Even the post-firework videos weren't hard to find if you know how to internet.

But, as any MSM reporter does, he picks up the copy-pasta that gets pumped out for the sheeple of the world, rather than get his mouse a little dirty, digging for some real intel (that might make an exciting story).

"...but activities linked to Anonymous - which include denial of service attacks and hacks against various websites - predate the spat with Scientology. And if you're opposed to religious cults, why start protesting only when a group infringes your ideas about online freedom?..."
That generalization is like saying, Michelangelo, he's with those house painters. There are many facets to Anonymous. Most likely he encountered a Chanologist, who knows.

For those that can't quite wrap their heads around the idea of Anonymous (Scientologists certainly have a hard time), I find the best illustration is a flock of birds in flight. Nobody is leading. but somehow, most end up going in the same direction. People join, people leave. Websites are created, websites disappear.Someone starts a project, and if more join in, so be it.

But at least he did catch on to Scientology's twist-o-facts mentality after visiting the CCHR exhibit:
"...But it takes some gross liberties. A timeline of the history of psychiatry summarises the 1990s under the word "Genocide", justifying that label through reference to Radovan Karadžić, the psychiatrist who led the Bosnian Serbs and now faces trial by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Somewhat surprisingly, just a little below his name appears an entry for Norman Sartorius, a Croat who in the 1990s headed the World Psychiatric Association.
Just a few hours before, I'd listened to Sartorius talk at the meeting about current efforts to revise psychiatry's diagnostic criteria. While the Scientologists may not think much of his medical contributions, to mention Sartorius's name under the heading of "Genocide" is outrageous...

Peter might be a little more outraged if he had the chance to watch the pseudo-science of L.Ron Hubbard's Anatomy of the Human Mind Course, with Ron Savelo. Below is an humorous excerpt of one lesson where Ron tries to sell the idea that your brain is a big shock absorber. Or that Psychiatrists are to Blame for 9/11 Attacks. This, by the way, Peter, is their alternative to psychiatry.

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