Monday, May 18, 2009

Anonymous in May: Been There, Done That.

Just like Visa, Anonymous Is Everywhere You Want To Be.

Yesterday was a report on the Counter-Protest that Anonymous staged against Scientology's CCHR in San Fransisco:

The shrinks are coming to San Francisco this weekend for the annual American Psychiatric Association confab, attracting a slew of protesters.

That protest seems to have overshadowed the gatherings that occur monthly around the globe. Yes, we sometimes forget, anonymous knows no border, language or distance.

This month, most raids were held on either May 9th or 16th. They included areas such as:

• Christchurch, Sydney from the asia-pacific rim.

•London, Düsseldorf, Dublin, Stockholm, Bergen to list a few from the european continent.

• Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Kitchener in canada.

• Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, DC, Greensboro, New Haven and Ocala on US eastcoast.

• Austin, Nashville, St Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago and Phoenix in US central/mountain area.

• San Fran, San Jose, San Diego, Los Feliz, Tustin, Portland and Seattle on the US westcoast.

And not to be out done by Matt and his worldwide dance-off, Anonymous also has their version of
Where The Hell Is Anonymous? [party hard version] [rickroll version]

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