Sunday, May 31, 2009

P2Pnet Falls For Spoof, But How Far Off Is It? [video]

P2Pnet News Jon Newton says:
Before you go any further, I’VE BEEN HAD !!! I’m the victim of a spoof article on the genuine news that the Wikipedia has banned Scientology.

My only excuse is: just like the corporate movie and music industries, virtually anything, no matter how bizarre, can be potentially attributed to this organization, and I believed it, as did the person who told me about it.

I’d never heard of Rant & Rave, from whence the claim originally came and, I blushingly admit I should have seen the light because of the title. But I even said it was appropriately named.

What can I say? — except the spoof has at least served a useful purpose: it’s once again drawn attention to the despicable cult of Scientology and I sincerely hope I haven’t offended Jewish readers, or anyone else (except Herr Miscavige), with this post.

Below is a segment of the spoof R&R article that P2Pnet was fooled by:

According to, Miscavige, everyone who criticizes the cult is a crook or, as he puts it in Rant&Rave, “We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal backgrounds.”
With the “brutal decision” to bar the cult’s IP addresses, the Wikipedia is,” criminally attacking the world’s most ethical people, members of the Scientology religion,” Miscavige raves, adding:
"There is so much nonsense on the internet about Scientology, all of which was written by anti-religion extremists in the employ of the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical industry. Many are also being paid by certain depraved, degenerate factions within the German government."

"You can’t believe any of it."

"If these scumbags had their way, all children would be psych-drugged into oblivion, most eventually becoming high school gunmen; vicious de-programmers would constantly be leaping out from shadowy corners; there would be all-night electroshock parlors on the high street of every village, town and city; and anyone who tried to live an ethical life would quickly receive an icepick lobotomy. This is why it is necessary for Scientologists to try to present a balanced perspective, by showcasing all the good things about the Scientology religion, and removing all the lies

This is not too far off from what Miscavige did say in Scientology's internal New Years celebration video about the 2006 campaign for the global elimination of psychiatry. Give a listen: [begins about 1:45]

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