Friday, May 29, 2009

Gawker's: Psychiatrists Caused 9/11, Down [video]

once again, anonymous must deliver. was that with or without anchovies?

When you're dealing with Scientology, you can trust Vimeo as much as YouTube. Controversial videos are not going to stay up. Period.

Gawker and BoingBoing both relied on a single Vimeo video for their news pages. I must admit, they stayed operational for about 5 months, but many anon rely on these controversial pages for links in articles and comments they leave around the intertubes. So here's a re-print with a working video:

scientology proves psychiatrists caused 9/11
By Hamilton Nolan, 1:12 PM on Tue Feb 17 2009

Why do Scientologists hate psychiatry so much? Who cares, it just makes them look amusingly craz(ier). In this clip from a cheapo Scientology TV show, a real Scientology doctor proves that psychiatry caused 9/11!:

This fella's name is Dave Figueroa, with an outfit called C.C.H.R. in Florida, and he calmly explains why Osama bin Laden was convinced to blow up things by...that's right, his psychiatrist! And there's some bonus talk about the Holocaust, too. Watch and then get a "stress test."

Fun Facts:
Why do Scientologists want to obliterate psychiatry? Because 75 million years ago in a far-away galaxy that suffered from extreme overpopulation, Lord Xenu got the help of Psychiatrists in summoning the galaxy's inhabitants for an income tax inspection.

Then each person was injected in the neck with a mixture of water and glycol, frozen, and put inside space-planes that looked very much like the DC-8 airliner that was popular in the 1960s. These space-planes flew to earth, then known as Teegeeack, where the beings were stacked inside several volcanoes around the planet.

Xenu, then, dropped some massively large hydrogen bombs on top of them and killed them -- but their ghosts (or thetans) survived and, at the dawn of man, they attached themselves in clusters to every human being, and are responsible for all human mental, emotional and physical problems.

Later in space history, Psychiatrists of the Marcab Confederacy, a series of planets around a star in the "handle" of the "Big Dipper" constellation, imposed income tax as a punishment on all the Alien civilizations. The Psychiatrists came to earth 225,000 years ago with the 5th Invader Force, and are responsible for all kinds of tragedies, including the African slave trade, the Holocaust, apartheid, ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, and the 11 September attacks.

No doubt they'll be blamed for anchovies, also.

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