Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scientology Receives 'banhammer' From Wikipedia

> in before 'french-anti-scienologists-run-wikipedia'

Seems as if a possible ban from the French government isn't Scientology's only problem this week. Over at WWP, an anon fills us in on the latest scuttlebutt from the wiki watercooler:

Anon A: "...Since late last year, there has been an Arbitration Case on Scientology articles over at Wikipedia, and about all the edit warring etc that has been going on. This was not posted publicly to prevent any possible claims of 'off-Wiki canvassing'. They are now voting on the motion to close the case, so I don't see any harm in posting a link for you all to read the results."

"...IP addresses owned by the Church of Scientology will be blocked from editing Wikipedia. Now hey, simply blocking them from editing Scientology articles would have been enough, but the evidence showed that their IP addresses rarely stray from those articles anyway, so Wikipedia have grown some [Baca sized] balls and are going to block them outright as they would open proxies. This is an EPIC WIN, but I'm also expecting that Wikipedia will have the first legal strong-arm threats from the Cult within a week, and I suspect Wikipedia doesn't have the cash to fight it.

Anon B: Google "Scientology", "Scientologist", "Operation Snow White", "Operation Freakout", "thetan", and then "body thetan". In each of those search results, you'll find a Wikipedia article at #1 in your search results. This means that wikipedia is likely to be the starting point for many joe publics looking into scientology for the first time. What wikipedia has done here is to help insure that false information is not introduced into, nor true information removed from articles that are the internet equivalent of prime real estate. They're doing it by blocking scien ip's and known users who are cult shills. They could still manage to edit the articles, but it will now be more difficult.

Hitler gets banned from Wikipedia

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