Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anonymous Dedicates Server 'To The Cause'

Scientologists, Not So Much.
Anonymous has opened a new dedicated forum at For more information on how to tor, visit:

This forum is for sharing tools, tactics, proxies, and news with people in Iran. There is an updated list of proxy machines which users in Iran can use to get past blocks. Anonymous is setting up proxies for Iran, and calls on people over the world to follow their example - these proxies should be limited to only allow contact from Iran, to stop spam from the outside world. The forum has more information.

for the cause Among the tools which the site promotes is TOR The Onion Router, but it needs to be understood that this is not a magic tool and it needs to be set up correctly to work. The forum describes how this tool must be set up. Anonymous calls on people all over the world to set up TOR exit nodes for Iran, and to monitor these against abuse. Please check your local terms of service and your local laws.

We salute anonymous, pirate bay, and the other internet-friendly forces that are backing this endeavor. As of this morning, their site has been up and down sporadically, from the extra server load , I'm assuming.

As for Tom's UFO church that just released an ad campaign about truth, I don't see them lifting a finger to help. Oh, that's right. They're not interested unless they can exploit a situation, or make a buck out of the deal. Most ethical people on the planet, my ass.

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