Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Volcanoes = Yesterday's Fish Sticks, Scientology Learns

Scientology Hates Psychiatry, But Loves Its Ads

Ahhh, Yes. The old exploding volcano ad. Pretty cheesy. But now Scientology just released an ad that's as slick as a prescription drug ad (those people that Scientology is so dead-set against).

From The ad shows a bunch of white and Asian people lost in the anomie of everyday life — looking out of the window during a school exam, surrounded by a crowd at Grand Central in New York — as a thoughful voiceover intones:

We’re all looking for it … that unexplainable emptiness that can only be filled with one thing …

Gawker thinks the ad is “deeply creepy” and looks like an Effexor ad. They also go on to show how Scientology's web traffic has increased since the ad came out. Word around the watercooler is, a click fraud campaign has been going on to run-up Scientology's advertising bill. Kind of like a mild DDOS that they have to pay for, lol.

But someone else has latched on to Scientology's new found slickee-ness to promote their own agenda: Chanology. Yes, the boys in black are back. They've taken the vaguely-worded feel-good ad, and spun it around for their own use. See below:

Chanology, The Search Is Over

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