Sunday, June 7, 2009

DC Scientologist Assaults Protester, Again

hubbard's 'most ethical people on the planet' developing a violent pattern
Hubbard Telescope ASSAULTED in DC
Their latest PR headline? Church of Scientology disaster response prepares for the 2009 Season.
Yep. They've got disasters , alright. PR disasters all over the planet. And the latest, yesterday, a second assault against an Anonymous protester in Washington, DC within the past three months.

Here's the low-down from Hubbard-Telescope (not her real name) herself from WWP:
"...Then, out of the blue, I see this hand come out of no where and some angry screaming Scientologist man reaching for my mask. He starts yelling "HOW DARE YOU WRITE THIS CRAP IN FRONT OF MY CHURCH" and tears off my mask, cracking it and hurting my nose and throwing it up on the landing of the church. He gets in my face pushing and hitting me, telling me he knows what I look like now and they'll come after me.

Scientologists leaving the org after course surrounded us and just watched, one woman taking pictures from the steps as he attacked me. I didn't raise my hands or defend myself or say anything besides "Taking pictures of me? Really?"

Finally, another Scientologist got between us and restrained him while I fished out my phone and called 911. He started on about "FINE! Call the police on me!" and took off. I followed him a little ways on the phone with the police, but he turned the corner and I decided to head back and wait for the cops. The rest of the Scientologists all scattered.

She describes her assailant as a "...guy is in his 50s about 5ft 8 - 5 ft 11. He has graying and balding hair and was last seen in a blue polo shirt tucked into blue jeans...". And she adds,"... I will be going through every video and every picture we ever took, I will find him, I will identify him, and I will make sure he is prosecuted...."

Update: While I was writing this, over at WWP [about pg 28 in the thread], they may have a face and a name. They're still sorting it out as of this writing.

And that is exactly how Anonymous ID'd this assailant back in April, when a protester, Ron Jeremy (not real name) was kicked by an irate scientologist. This also reported by Hubbard-Telescope:

Reinhard Koenig: wanted by DC Police for questioning "...A Scientologist named Reinhard Koenig [see photo] assaulted a NYC anon visiting in DC today. Ron Jeremy from NYC was playing music and enturbulating when the very old man came out of the Scientology building, kicked him in the shin, and walked to the corner.

When Ron Jeremy expressed his shock and outrage, the old Scientologist hurried back into the cult building. There WAS a camera rolling, but the particular camera on in that area suffered technologyfail which was the fault of no one but the camera. :( Anonymous called the police who showed up in record time to take his statement and swarmed into the CoS building to look for him. The Scios scooted the old guy out the back and he headed off down the street. Police were alerted to his fleeing the scene and tried to find him, but weren't able to spot the guy.

Scientologists claimed that Anonymous antagonized the Scios and "chased" them down the street. A well placed "I'm too fat to chase anyone" made the cops lol and pissed off the Scientology spokeswoman Sylvia Stanard. :) The cops were absolutely fantastic. They weren't able to corroborate the report since no other non-protester in the area witnessed the attack and it became a he-said he-said debate between the assaulted anon and the Scio shills.

Information gleaned from WWP threads [1] [2] and YouTube videos [1] [2]

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