Monday, June 8, 2009

Bart Simpson's Ex-Fiancee Takes Own Life

rank & file scientologists coverup suicide with head-on collision yarn
5/29 Monterey County Herald "Los Angeles man dies after fall from bridge. The body of a Los Angeles man, who apparently leaped to his death from the Highway 1 Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur Coast, was discovered Thursday. A hiker found Stephen Brackett, 54, about 5:30a.m., said Dan Robison, a detective with the Monterey County Sheriff's Coroner division.

Brackett, who was supposed to be visiting friends, disappeared Sunday. Robison said Brackett died from injuries suffered after the nearly 200-foot fall from the bridge. There are no indications of foul play, and friends and relatives of Brackett said he was despondent because of financial troubles with his business, Robison said.

Steve Brackett was to marry Nancy Cartwright, a Scientologist that is famous for the voice of Bart Simpson, in spring of 2008, but that was canceled sometime after the fall of 2007. From Variety AUGUST 2007 "...Cartwright will wed high-end general contractor Steve Brackett. The only two words she revealed about the wedding ceremony: 'MARCHING BANDS'..."

Rank and file Scientologists have decided to lie about Brackett’s death by saying he died in a head-on collision. This is being done to protect the belief system of Scientology, as it is believed by Scientologists that Brackett possessed supernatural abilities due to his achieving the church’s exalted state of OT. The state of OT, according to the church’s pseudo-science, is a state where one is “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.”

Unfortunately, Brackett had run into trouble on various construction projects and recently lost several arbitration settlements, one of which cost him $300,000. He was scheduled to go to Flag, Scientology’s top church, soon, as a plane ticket had been purchased. More than likely, this visit was intended to help him sort out his recent woes using Scientology’s expensive pseudo-science counseling techniques.

As of 2006, he was listed in IAS as GOLD MERITORIOUS $1 MILLION donor (IMPACT #115). The minister also informed those in attendance at the funeral that Brackett used Scientology administrative principles in his business and how he donated heavily to the church. Steve and Nancy Cartwright are listed as major IAS donors. He was also a major donor and spokesman for the Super Power Project (note: a key contributor is a $100,000.00 DONATION).

To sum up, another scientologist spends all kinds of money to get on Hubbard's Bridge to Total Freedom only in the end, to jump off it.

Gleaned from [WWP],[thebluemelreader]

Bart Simpson's Scientology Robocall

Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson and a devoted scientologist, is using her trademark cartoon voice as part of a robocall encouraging people to attend a Scientology event in Los Angeles.
The original video with Bart images was yanked from YouTube, which says that it was "no longer available due to a copyright claim by Twentieth Century Fox." They sure found that infringement a lot faster than usual. No worries, here's the audio [left] without the cartoons.

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