Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hubbard on 'Real Science-Fiction' [video]

all of this stuff in science fiction is just rococo

You take a glance at the text and videos below, you might say, what is all this retro sci-fi crap? This is stuff I'd find in a '$1 takes the whole pile' bin at a yard sale. No, my friend, you're reading and listening to excerpts of Scientology's secret scriptures. Yes, normally you'd have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn of this media. Let's take a peek behind the curtain.

L.Ron Hubbard: You wouldn't dare write real science fiction - not real science fiction. Nobody's guts could take it, that's all there is to that.

All right. Now, as I say, this sounds science-fictiony. Well, don't let it sound science-fictiony to you, because the truth be told, it's not science fiction. In the first place, it's not fiction, and it really isn't very closely resembling what you read and call science fiction. Science fiction is just a very chimerical sort of a picture of it. Space is wild! There aren't any writers down here and there's no audience down here that could take *real* stuff about space. It's wild! And ...

Well, let me tell you a little story. This isn't just a story. One of the Fifth Invader Force, an officer, came down here to take a survey, and this is very adventurous. And in order to take a decent survey of the place - of course, you understand the Fifth Invader Force officer carries a doll. They don't carry bodies, they carry dolls. Their identification is a doll. It's a very little, flimsy, mechanical affair that you can make talk and walk and so forth. They're cute, they're about a meter tall, they're very light. Therefore, you don't need, you see - you don't use oxygen in saucers. And all of this stuff in science fiction is just rococo. Boy, it's rococo beyond rococo. It's just simple beyond simplicity.

L. Ron Hubbard's Space Station 33 artoo45
The pulp fiction origins of $cientology are not just batshit crazy, but danceable batshit crazy. Space is WILD!

L. Ron Hubbard: I'm Not From This Planet ChurchofSciencology
Remix from the leaked 'RJ68 (Ron's Journal 68)' tape.

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