Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kathy Griffin: I'm on a Scientology Watch List [video]

Over ABC Entertainment, Kathy Griffin lists five things you (supposedly) didn't know about her.

The Emmy-award winning comedian recently revealed to ABCNews.com five things no one knows about her. Are they all 100-percent true? Well, no -- but that doesn't make her confessions any less juicy. Clearly, after four seasons on "The D-List," Griffin's learned that the key to gaining more street cred in Hollywood is stirring up a scandal or two.

Coming in at No.5, I'm on a Scientology Watch List

"I have been told that I am on a Scientology watch list as one of the foremost people that makes fun of Scientology. This, of course, makes me almost as happy as bringing Suze Orman my financials.
I'm perfectly comfortable being on any watch list. It means at least someone's watching me. You'll never be able to confirm that in a million years. It's just something I've been told."

I wouldn't be surprised if she were, being the church is so litigious. A sample of Griffin's work, you can view a bit from the MSG WaMu Theater on 1/29/08 and her take on Scientology! She rips on the dianetics basics including the auditing process & e-meters, course fee scams, celebrity blackmail, batshit purif process, going clear, alien body thetans and other random hilarity.

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