Friday, July 10, 2009

20/20: Scientology's Shady Past [video] 1982

Recently, Scientology has been overwhelming the media, including TV, radio and the internet, with their vague multimillion dollar ad blitz. I'm sure that's to combat it's newest enemy. The internet. In the past they could control media outlets bad PR through intimidation and blackmail, but those days are over.

Now we live in the age of instant news. Protests, assaults, bull-baiting can be viewed on the intertubes in minutes, if not seconds, after said occurrence happened. And on top of that, can be re-viewed 24/7 worldwide.

But that doesn't just include recent events, but long forgotten media, as well. The internet is very good at dragging up ghosts out of the closet.

Scientology, "what are your crimes?"
The above sub-title was made internet-famous from the Mark Bunker's XenuTV video when he was surrounded by Scientology bull-baiters a a 4th of July event in '99.
We can now ask, Scientology, what are you trying to hide? What are your crimes?

That brings us to this partial broadcast of ABC's 20/20, with John Stossel from 1982. It includes interviews with L.Ron Hubbard Jr.(Ronald DeWolf), Gerry Armstrong, Ford and Andrea Schwartz , Michael Flynn and others. Also, this aired the day before Mary Sue Hubbard (L.Ron's wife) was sentenced to five years in federal prison for conspiracy against the US Government.

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