Thursday, July 9, 2009

Danish Scientogists Caught Skimming Millions

12 companies have scientologists illegally lend money to scientology organizations

[google translator] Ekstra Bladet July 5:
Scientologists breaking the law

If you take advantage of the techniques and advice, as creator of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard, has created, we can help you to become more successful in life and in your business! "

The controversial Church of Scientology is not in doubt. The long deceased founder Hubbard's theories of leadership and management is so obvious right and good that it can lead to nothing but happiness and prosperity.

Ekstra Bladet has reviewed 50 companies owned and run by Scientologists. Up to half of them contain either illegal loans, are forced dissolved and bankrupt or in serious economic difficulties.

We are in possession of a secret list of contributors for the purchase and conversion of Scientology's new Danish headquarters in Nytorv 11 in Copenhagen. It is called Honor list containing the names of nearly 500 people who have given from one million to a few thousand dollars. In total around 35 million kroner.

On the list are a variety of thriving Scientologists who operate their own businesses. There are among them, we have examined 50 companies. And 12 companies have Scientologists illegally taken money in their companies and sent them to the Scientology organizations.

Massive illegal loans
One of the companies with the largest illegal loans are C / S System ApS where Scientologists Allan Steffensen director. For the latest accounts show that made an illegal loan of 672,601 kroner And it is even uncertain whether the money ever be repaid, the auditor writes in his reservations.

Whether the money has ended up with Allan Steffensen, is not reflected in the audit endorsement. But the other striking employees of the company are all Scientologists. Among other things, Kim Fogelberg Power, holding positions in both purchasing, sales and finance. Kim Fogel Power, together with his wife granted DKK 600,000 to get high up on Scientology honor list.

Despite several requests failed to get C & S Systems to participate in this article.

Thanks to Silent @ WWP for the tip

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