Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic-Con: Moar Star Wars Parody From MacFarlane

Quahog Wars, The Seth Strikes Back, Again

According to blogs.usatoday, reporting from the 09 Comic-Con, Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane is going to be busy this next year releasing the following animated features on FOX: American Dad, The Cleveland Show and the flagship series, Family Guy.

But what I'm looking forward to in December of '09 in the continuing parody of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.

The Family Guy is making its triumphant return to science-fiction. Series creator and executive producer Seth MacFarlane unveiled to Comic Con attendees an extended preview of the upcoming Family Guy parody of George Lucas' classic The Empire Strikes Back. MacFarlane and company are certainly familiar with the genre; the show skewered the original Star Wars several years ago.

Tasteless, vulgar, unflinching, and laugh-out-loud funny, this much-awaited new take on Empire has the potential to gain cult status among the legions of Lucas and MacFarlane fans. Without giving away any spoilers, the new Family Guy special will follow the exploits of the Griffins as they assume their roles on either the side of the Rebellion or the Empire.The Peter Griffin character, as Han Solo, recieved the biggest laughs of the screening with his perfectly executed combination of a character that is equal parts renegade space pirate and fat, rude suburban dad. The show has tentatively set Christmas 2009 as a release date.

MacFarlane also revealed a few details about the show's 2010 or 2011 Return of the Jedi parody. The series' third swipe at the Star Wars franchise will not only involve cast and characters from Family Guy, but will also include the entire casts of other MacFarlane shows, American Dad and the upcoming Family spin-off, The Cleveland Show.

From the older Blue Harvest released on 21st January 08, are two of my favorite clips.[They can be viewed at the base of this page]

'R2-D2 Buffering' Clip
It seems even in the future, if you think a simple task is going be without headaches, think again. The battle for open source software was apparently lost as we see Lois (Princess Leia) deal with importing the correct CodeC's to finish here video e-mail. I think CodeC actually stands for Code: conundrum.

'Couch Moving' Clip
The first time I saw this, I was watching it on Adult Swim with a bunch of friends, that coincidently, I used to deliver furniture with.
We could not stop laughing, having lived though just about every furniture delivering dilemma imaginable, and what you have to go through to describe couch geometry to a noob, who has no idea how to hook a chair or couch through a doorway. That includes the famous Death Star double recliner sectional sofa going to a basement or millhouse second story (aaaarrrgggggh).
Also, note, I'd probably be as rich as Seth if I had a dollar for every time I heard " didn't look this big in the showroom...".

Blue Harvest: 'R2-D2 Buffering' Clip

Blue Harvest: 'Couch Moving' Clip

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