Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot Tub Time Machine, LOLWUT?

Back to the Future meets Stargate SG1, sort of.

The trailer for "Hot Tub Time Machine" has been provided by MGM using the film's recently-released red band trailer. Debuted first at San Diego Comic Con 2009, the restricted promo video traces back to the year of 1560 to recall which notable people had thought of the idea of time traveling, before presenting the four main characters.

The time-travel comedy follows a group of burned out 30-something best friends, John Cusack (War Inc,Con Air), Rob Corddry (Daily Show, Semi-Pro), Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express, The Office), and Clark Duke (Sex Drive, Superbad), who've drifted apart since high school.

Trying to relive their younger years once again, they take a trip to Pine Valley Lodge, home of their most cherished teenage memories. After a night of vodka and Red Bulls in a hot tub, they find themselves sent back to 1986. Now, they have the opportunity to relive their fun-loving past. Or is it as fun as they remember it? One of Craig Robinson's lines: "We're stuck in the eighties, how'm I supposta' getta job?!".

Red Band Trailer Possibly NSFW: language.

Borrowing from the comments at popwatch,
I think they'd make pretty good movie poster critic fodder:
• "Craig Robinson + coke + rapid recap of Terminator time-travel rules = hilarity." ~ John
• "I've determined that Clark Duke is brilliant at playing characters like Dale & whoever this guy is..." ~ Laura
Oh, and let's not forget an important fact about this film, "...based on a true story...", lol.

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