Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living With Tom Cruise, Not The Grumpy One [video]

According to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looked a bit grumpy as they spent time together with their daughter Suri on the set of Holmes’ new movie.
The “Minority Report” stud and his “Dawson’s Creek” darling couldn’t seem to get on the same page as they left the “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” lot, with Tom stopping to chat with fans while Katie and Suri waited impatiently.

Seems Katie Holmes married the wrong version of Tom. Enter Evan Ferrante, actor. But more notably known over at WWP for his Tom Cruise impersonation videos. Most recent, TOM CRUISE is My Roommate series. Well there's only two so far, but I could see it growing into a web series.

TOM CRUISE is My Roommate Episode 1
Note: This version uses a mocked-up intro, background music, and closing, where as original is edit-free.

TOM CRUISE is My Roommate Episode 2

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