Friday, August 14, 2009

Twitter Aids In Rescue From Cult Front

At, they host an article stating Most Twitter Tweets 'Pointless Babble'. Ryan Kelly, a study researcher, is quoted as saying:

"Mostly many people still perceive Twitter as just mindless babble of people telling you what they are doing minute-by-minute; as if you care they are eating a sandwich at the moment."

But as found on WWP, a simple tweet in the right direction at the right time can save a family from falling into the clutches of a money-hungry cult-front.

From xenijardin on twitter, she's a host and executive producer on,

• The power of investigative reporting: Remember that Co$ exposé series? So, member of friend's family w alcohol/drug problem...

...ended up in a Co$ "treatment" facility in Clearwater. Friend told me, I emailed URL to tampabay series. Friend fwds to entire family... members read it today, are horrified. They knew nothing before. Theyre driving 2 rescue her NOW. Investigative journalism matters.

• RUNDOWN. Scientology: The truth rundown | St. Petersburg Times Amazing to see real-life effects.

• I should add that the "detainee" had already been trying to get out, and was barred from contacting her family. Super fucked up.

• Had it not been for one person forwarding a news link to another, and the family reading the series, she'd still be there.

• Remember that next time someone tells you investigative journalism doesn't matter anymore & who cares if reporters have to work for "free."
PS: they're bringing security backup, and a nurse.

And later updated with this good news:

• Update on NarCONon/Scientology victim I tweeted about yesterday: She'd been in there for months, weighed about 80 lbs, severely dehydrated.

• Family brought security & nurse last nt, forcibly retrieved, drove her home. NarCONon forbade her frm contacting fam, she'd begged release.

• Drug-addicted victim signed NarCONon contract while very high, so maybe they can get the $20K they spent back, because that's fraud.

• NarCONon/Co$ ppl demanding she return, pay $15K more, sweat "colored drug ooze" in Hubbard sauna. Family knows now & won't return her.

• Family who sent her to NarCONon didn't know was controlled by Co$. Thought was Narcotics Anonymous. Thanks, Internet, for saving her. /end

• Oh &thanks! to all who tweeted anti-NarCONon resources @ me, I passed to family. Hearty fck y to Scientology trolls now threatening me here.

Former Narconon Director Gives Lecture On The Scam: narCONon
Patty Pieniadz was the executive director of Narconon Conneticut and the Director of Rehabilitation for the Church of Scientology. The following video shows her giving a talk about Narconon and Scientology in general to the Boston Skeptics on 05/26/08.

View the complete video [1:43] at Google Video.
More info about the cult-front Narconon visit and

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