Friday, August 21, 2009

Oz: Travolta Leaving Scientology? Again? [video]

TodayTonight Revives Travolta 'Worlds Colliding' Story

This is a reprint from a blog entry back in June. Using it as a segue into todaytonight's latest video segment on Scientology: Travolta will be an enemy if he leaves.

TipO'TheHat to WWP for the heads-up on the video. To skip archived news and jump down to the video, click here.


John Travolta has entered a variation of the paradox known as George Costanza's Worlds Collide Theory. According to a Bahamian police report taken in February after his son Jett's death last year, Travolta acknowledged in his own words that "Jett suffered from a seizure disorder and was autistic." That's a big no-no in Scientology.

The report was obtained by the National Enquirer. Travolta's use of the term "autistic" seems to be a break from church doctrine, which teaches that pyschiatric diagnoses are fake ailments invented by Nazi psychiatrists so they can give people drugs to keep them from realizing their true potential of controlling the physical world with their minds.

Prior to Jett's death, his parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston attributed his problems to a rare disorder called Kawasaki disease and to environmental toxins from carpet-cleaners. They claimed that a Scientological detoxification regime had helped to ease his symptoms.

Worlds colliding.

Which is it? The world of Scientology where this problem could be handled with some auditing and vitamins? or the real world, where autism is considered a psychiatric disorder described in DSM-IV, psychiatry's diagnostic bible.

Travolta may have taken time off from promoting the newly released Pelham123, but being a Scientology spokesperson, will instead have to face the publics interest regarding the taking of Jett, PARODOX123 conundrum.

Update: Aug 21st
Oz National TV: TodayTonight

Bryan Seymour and Today Tonight Australia report on Travolta's reported misgivings about his religion that may well have cost him his son Jett his life. Bryan Seymour speaks with long time high ranking ex-scientologist David Graham.

Scientology: Blackmailing Celebrities to control them
Older TodayTonight segment, about the unauthorized bio of Tom Cruise by Andrew Morton. Bruce Hines is interviewed about his auditing of Nicole Kidman, who may well be being blackmailed into silence to control her from speaking out. (This is the type of treatment Travolta can expect)

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