Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scientology's IT Techs From The Future

Over at they discuss a new video Scientology released, "...but this short film appears to be a series of public service announcements the Church of Scientology is making to show that normal, intelligent, everyday people are part of their faith — including technology professionals."

Well let's jump into the Wayback Machine, Sherman, and set the date for the early 1970's. Because thanks to WWP, we can see how Hubbard envisioned his IT OT's would look. And was he on the mark. In fact I saw someone dressed like this the other day. He was in a straight-jacket, being escorted by two gentlemen in white suits, but that's besides the point.

Click for the full-size page from Advance Issue 44, and you'll find the text in the right column, is the same bile they churn out at the present.

And how could L.Ron Hubbard be know so much from the future? Why, it's because he was not from this planet. Don't believe me? You can hear him say it in his own voice in the video below:

L.Ron Hubbard - I'm Not From This Planet

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