Friday, August 7, 2009

Playing Whack-A-Mole With Scientology Ads

Scientology Carpet-Bombs Web with Google Ads Noted Tom Cruise beneficiary The Church of Scientology has initiated a massive new round of online advertising; their latest attempt to garner fresh converts to the money-grubbing “religion.”

It's at least a change of pace from the Church's attempts to bury critics like and Operation Clambake under a barrage of copyright infringement takedown notices and lawsuits. It appears that Google Adsense is serving up thousands of Scientology's messages all over the web.

The Church is letting the money from its overflowing coffers do the talking. Wired magazine reported in June that Scientology even managed to get Google Ads on the web site, despite Wired’s explicit request to not carry Church of Scientology advertising on its site.

Adsense users all over the net have been unable to get a cogent response from Google regarding their apparent refusal to honor filters to prevent Scientology ads. A similar ad blitz occurred in early 2008.

Those who aren't blocking ads with Adblock Plus, the popular browser plug-in, will notice Scientology ads are even found right here on ODIT, where Scientology is routinely thrashed.

Such blanket advertising has been detrimental to the Church in the past, causing web users to grow irritated with Scientology's perceived sense of entitlement, proving that money doesn't always buy the opinions the Church would prefer.

If several million dollars worth of online ads doesn't work this time, they could always have Tom Cruise jump up and down on Oprah's couch again.

How to Block Scientology Ads from your Website ...Up until today, none of my websites had featured any content that was in any way relevant to the Church of Scientology. And so there was no reason for Scientology ads to appear here. Also, like a lot of other website owners, I don’t want to use my webspace to promote this organisation.

If people want to believe in a religion founded by a science fiction writer – with the specific intention of making money – and based on sci-fi staples involving past lives, UFOs and alien overlords, then I have no particular problem with that. Each to their own.

If people want to believe in a space ruler called Xenu and ancient extraterrestrial societies called the Helatrobus and the Marcabians, and that when people die their souls go to the planet Venus to be re-planted into a new body and then dumped back on Earth in the ocean off the coast of California, then that is their prerogative. But I would rather they did not attempt to recruit members via my websites.

If you’re an AdSense user who is being plagued by Scientology ads, here’s how to block them using the competitive ad filter and the AdSense Preview Tool: [continued here]

Another Fake
Rather than have one of those Scientology flash movies playing, I thought I'd insert my own to inform the world, "What Is Scientology?"

Feel free to use any of the anti-scientology ads. To link to the St.Pete Times article, you can use the short link: or copy the full address from this link:

I haven't got around to playing Whack-A-Mole with Scientology's numerous URL's yet, but if you're curious how it can be accomplished, the article and link above will get you going in the right direction.

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