Sunday, August 9, 2009

Riverside County DA's Play 'Hot Potato' with Scientology Case

Who's Watching The Store?
On the surface, this may look like another trespass/assault case in Riverside County, California. It's not just any case. This one involves Anonymous protesters and the litigious Church of Scientology.

It's been shuffled around between four different District Attorneys since 10/26/08. In the middle of all this foot-dragging, someone, not clear as to who, destroyed key evidence submitted to the Hemet Police. [full document list: part 1, 2, 3]

The Back Story
Over at WWP, a thread archives the beginning of all this desert protesting drama [photos and videos from that day]:
"Sunday October 26, 2008 here in Southern California. I have concluded a telephone call with Anons [anonymous protesters]. This is my initial understanding of what happened. These Anons were picketing Gold Base [Scientology's International Headquarters] at Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet (and Palm Springs, CA).

Among the picketers was Anon Orange. His vehicle was parked down Highway 79 a little (opposite the mock Scottish castle Golden Era Studio, I think) where a Scion [Scientologist] security vehicle parked and for about 20 minutes several Scions were behind Anon Orange's vehicle. Anon Orange went over to investigate. The Scions ran into the bushes. Anon Orange followed. The Scions jumped him. Anon Barb followed too. The Scions jumped her and she fought back. Apparently there is video footage [see below]. The Riverside Sheriffs arrived and Anon Orange has been arrested on a charge of trespass."

The Gold Base 'Dog Pile' Video
From the posted video's description: This is a video AGP edited for AnonOrange's arraignment in Riverside County. In it you see an early Gold Base protest. This is the heart of scientology's global empire and, as you see, they defend it!
This is the FIRST internet posting of this beating with the footage Orange took just seconds before being beaten for four minutes. I think you will be shocked at what little it took to get that beating. Other footage has been seen before but the pope went to the source material for higher quality.
What the video doesn't show is cultists messing with the car and orange being forced off the road onto their property by a cult vehicle.

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

The story above is just the tip of the iceberg when comes to Riverside County and Scientology. In fact there's so much fodder over at WWP's Gold Base Situation Room - a mixture of fact, speculation and innuendo along the lines of county corruption, police payoffs, mysterious deaths, secret organizations, false arrests, voter fraud and nepotism. There's enough for a budding screen-writer to concoct the next cineramic production of Fargo. Just located in the desert instead of the frozen tundra. Oh, and sans the wood-chipper. It would practically write itself.

Fargo - Original Theatrical Trailer

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