Monday, September 7, 2009

'The Bridge' Banned in...well, everywhere [video]

The Bridge by Brett Hanover
Was reminded of this forgotten docudrama on Scientology by a thread over at WWP. An excerpt of a write-up from "..."The Bridge" proves that in a good movie, minimalist and low budget doesn't have to equate tedious, black-and-white not pretentious, and movie-with-a-cause not over-zealous and overblown. It was shot in just five days, and still manages to be fresh, entertaining and right on the spot. It's one of those strangely sexy movies, one which makes you want to be a filmmaker yourself.

The colour-within-monochrome effect was very subtly done and well utilized (although nicked from Schindler's List). Not least, the script builds up an amazing amount of tension and momentum, and keeps it very well. Scientology is shown realistically, without tarnishing it as alien-satanist-brain-eater-cult, and still utterly creepy and insidious.

As an acted movie,"The Bridge" can show stuff a documentary couldn't, for example the auditing session at the beginning brings the viewer to the heart of that process. It far beats having that process explained and documented to you in every detail.

Scientology actually managed to get this movie totally banned, you can't see it at the cinema, rent it or buy it, only download it off the internet...
", or watch it here. Would you like any Raisinets or Goobers with that popcorn?

The Bridge
Playlist: 8 parts
Runtime:69 min
Release: 2006
Color: Color/Black and White Mix

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