Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chiropractor Now WISE To Scientology Scam [video]

WISE: World Institute of Scientology Enterprises equals FRAUD

In the world of front groups, it's not surprising to find Scientology has a few, and here's an interview with a chiropractor that was involved with one of them. Video summary: Mark Bunker interviews a husband and wife, who went from banking $5,000 a month -- to bankruptcy after being introduced to WISE, Hubbard and Scientology.

From Pt1, "...They were with a "practice management group", Singer Consultants, who were connected to the church of scientology via WISE. They were licensed to utilize l ron hubbard's teachings. It wasn't covert, but very subtle. At one time it seemed that they were "pushing" it, then they backed off. So it grew from being a business consulting arrangement, to being more of a personal improvement with the church of scientology. There's always another service, once you reach one level, there's always another one they're promoting..."

'WISE'ing Up To Scientology's Front Group Fraud Parts 1-5 [34:30]
4/1/01 - A chiropractor and his wife describe how Scientology lured them in through management courses and ultimately harmed their business and their lives by sending them into bankruptcy.

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