Thursday, September 17, 2009

A&E "Investigative Reports" Scientology [video, 1998]

At, they rundown the list of famous Scientology celebs, but to see some of these in the early years (before the TOMKAT era rolled in), here's a blast from the past:

A&E 1998
: This documentary, part of the Investigative Reports series from the Arts and Entertainment Cable Network (A&E), goes behind-the-scenes of the Church of Scientology, founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

Narrated by Investigative Reports host and producer Bill Kurtis, this video looks at the history of this controversial church and analyzes its role in the public eye.

There are interviews with both insiders of the Church who strongly support its works and practices and also anti-Scientologists who claim the organization is nothing more than a media-hungry cult.

The lawsuit over a Time magazine cover story on Scientology and the targeting of the author of the book Bare Face Messiah are also covered in this episode.

A&E "Investigative Reports" Scientology [12 parts, 2:00 hr]
link to playlist if any parts fail to forward to the next

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