Monday, October 12, 2009

Anonymous: Festival of Leaks [video]

Anonymous is very pleased to announce: The Festival of Leaks. On Monday, 12th October, 2009, 12 pm EST, we will release for immediate download, the most amount of copyrighted Church of Scientology clap-trap, in a single place evar (ever).

The ANONYMOUS MEMBERS already involved in this are uploading to multiple locations, their vast library. As the OSA work under overload to get all these copies removed from the internet, we will edit the static pages that the public will be using, updating this with a complete new set of download locations.

The festival will continue for seven days and will have at least seven different sets of files. This is a response to (the actions of) Scientologist Doctor Oliver Schaper, making many false DMCA claims regarding audio video content critical of their cult, Scientology.

Doctor Schaper, look what you brought in. WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?

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