Friday, October 9, 2009

Scientology's Super-Size-Me Floorplans [pic]

Legit leak or elaborate troll? You be the judge.
david miscavage super power I was involved with the intimate design/development of the Scientology "Mecca" building.

This building was designed for "Super Power development"... no joke. It is the equivalent of the Temple Mount to Scientologist. I'm one of a handful of people outside of the highest members of the Church who know anything about the inside of this building.

One of the floors is almost literally an entire running track with a 148 foot diameter. There are about 500 "auditing" rooms. There is also a "Celebrity/VIP" lounge which is like a building within a building. The Super Power rooms have some odd (large) equipment within them.

The architectural layout requires you to pass by security spots to reach any of the "stranger" rooms, and many of the hallways and door ingresses are intentionally designed to blend in to the structure. I would say "hidden passage", though it seems a little weird to put it that way.

Few members know about them because the building is not yet completely occupied, and only the designers know about the rooms before they are tucked away. Even the contractors on site have been kept away from many restricted areas.

Also, another thread popped up over at WWP.

super powers building

(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman - The Kinks: British Invasion band not to be confused with planet-clearing scientologists, or Tom Cruise. Everyone knows, Tom Cruise can't fly.

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