Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nashville Protester Sues Scientology For $6 Mill [video]

Latest Video From WSMV News4

Nashille: A college student is suing the Nashville Church of Scientology, a security company and three off-duty Spring Hill police officers for $6 million. Thomas Parker said he was knocked to the ground, handcuffed and arrested, for nothing more than attempting to peacefully protest.

The Church of Scientology's grand opening turned into a grand mess when hired security arrested protesters. It would have been a he-said, she-said -- except that it was all caught on tape.

Parker was on his way to protest the grand opening. He was still blocks away when security guards cut off him and his group. Three off-duty officers working for Hayes Security and hired by the church took down Parker, handcuffed and arrested him.

The church had taken out permits to block the street for the wrong day.

Parker, through his attorney, Nathaniel Koenig, is suing all of the above-mentioned parties.

"I'm just hoping that right will be done," Parker said.

Brian Fesler, a Church of Scientology representative, said the group had threatened the church in the past.

WSMV: Protester Sues Church Of Scientology [video report WSMV site]
WSMV News4 broadcast October 30th 2009 ~ College Student Says Peaceful Protest Intent Led To Arrest. Also, audio commentary from Elby 'chuckles' Nonamous can be heard in the background.

Some Other Points Not Mentioned:
Over at WWP, a thread entry lists a lot of what went wrong that day:
The degree of *uckup by Hayes guards and Scientology in this case is staggering.

• wrong day on permit, thus closing down a state highway without proper permit
• place of arrest outside permit area
• abysmal conflict handling skills
• arresting when 44 trying to leave
• excessive force
• lying to public works
• lying in the police
• off duty officers not checked in with Nashville police
• guards/officers not properly identified
• interrogating the arrested person in an improper fashion, in public view
• arrest happening in full view of both CoS executives and Hayes executives
• high possibility that the CoS gave Hayes hysterical information about Anonymous that they knew was misleading
• lying to the press for a while, before lawyers told them to shut up

Even one of these things on its own is bad enough. Taken together, you have the biggest cluster*uck I've ever seen made of a protest, except for those where people actually got killed. This is easily worse than that bike activist who got tackled in New York, and that was national news for months.

Raw Footage Of Protester's Arrest/Assault
See video's more info [right column] for complete story and links to documents.

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  1. Formerly Anonymous Thomas Parker has filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Church of Scientology for the amount of $6 million dollars.

    This is just the latest in suits in an apparent gold rush by Anonymous members and "old guard" Anti-Scientologists to capitalize on the negative press the Church is getting. What the media is missing--for the moment--is the fact that this is a coordinated and highly organized effort to extort money out of the Church.


    It is my intention to see that the truth about Thomas Parker and Anonymous gets out before this case gathers any momentum. There is more than enough evidence to show that Parker is more than a merely "peaceful protester," and I'm making it a personal mission to stop this nonsense from going any further. After all, one of Anonymous' primary reasons for protesting the Church of Scientology is what they describe as its "LITIGIOUS NATURE."


  2. LOL @ Tom Newton, long time Scientology apologist, checking in with tinfoil-hat reaction. Kid got abused by CoS-hired guards and is rightfully suing. "Tom Newton" (so I heard you liek pseudonyms?) should be more worried about being sued himself for his years' worth of libel and slander of anyone who dares to speak out about the criminal business scams founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Make up whatever you want about this innocent kid, "Tom" and we'll see how it fares in the courts. Enjoy your fail.

  3. Well Tom, I read what you said and was going to make a very fancy comeback that I knew would make you cry like you always do when i meed you on a blog. But then I realized I can just skip that part and just post the same info that always gets you banned on all the other blogs for spamming me for what I said (that or you just don't show up on the blog again :)) Here it goes.

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