Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anonymous In DC: Another Nashville? [updated]

Well, while Scientology is trying to mop-up the big mess they caused in Nashville, they're ready to do it all over again. This time in Washington DC. Today is the grand opening ceremony for the Ideal Org at 16th and P Streets NW. And just like Nashville, Anonymous is ready to greet them with a demonstration.

But it seems Scientology just can't learn from their mistakes (what do ya' want? there just homo-novi). It's been reported that they've already tried to shut the protest down through intimidation, but the protesters had the fore-sight to apply for a sidewalk permit, and informed local police of the harassment.

It's unclear if the biggest little man in Scientology, David Miscavige, will be attending, but it's been confirmed that foot-bullet marksmen such as Tommy 'i'm walking out' Davis, John 'i smell puthy' Carmichael and Scientology's in-house lawyer, Kendrick 'unindicted co-conspirator' Moxon are to be in attendance.

It's a good chance the celebration has already started by the time this post goes up, but you can follow any play-by-play action that may occur at WWP's post-raid thread. Mods will be adding updates from protesers using low-resolution/low-bandwidth platform devices [cellphones].

Update: Looks like the super-human Scientologists had to resort to big sheet shields to ward off scary basement-dwelling protesters. If you didn't know any better, you'd think Anonymous was protesting a new chinese laundry.

Post Event Update:
Apparently the reporter for the DCist had no clue as to what was going on at the protest (left before it even started), but luckily we have an amazing protester/videographer AnonSparrow who gives us the up close and personal version of what it's like to protest a Scientology event.

He and the other DC protesters must have been running on Xenu's eternal battery as noted in this entry at WWP:
"You are still up after being on the job all day? Since what ungodly time this morning? Dude, truly you have gained control over MEST to accomplish your epic achievements today...".

Also, since Officer Smart-Ass is such an attention whore, we'd thought we'd help AnonSparrow introduce him to the internet. [if anyone happened to catch a badge#, feel free to leave it in the comment section]

Cued YouTube videos:
AnonSparrow asks for the rules of protest
• Officer Smart-Ass throws his weight around.

You can catch all the action from the Anon's that were there over at WWP's post-raid thread.


  1. Anonymous are not basement dwelling.
    Or we would not be seen anywhere.

  2. Lol. Nice piece. The curtain-tech looks pretty crappy doesn't it?

  3. So I herd there's no record of the Scilons applying or receiving permits for street closure.

    Lulz could result from this.

  4. Was that a DC officer or private security that was being a smart ass?

  5. after looking at the vid, he was dressed in DC cop gear, so if he wasn't, he'd be going down with a felony of impersonating an officer

  6. It was a real cop. Instead of the nice-cops they sent out the anti-protest cops (who are, well, not nice).