Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Are You 4Chan Material? [quiz]

4 chan material
Moot, creator/admin of 4Chan, has posted a quiz to see if you're 4Chan material, or if you've gone so far off the deep-end, they don't even want you (you scare me... and yet, I love you.):

gotoquiz ~ "Ah, 4chan. The home of the sickest, strangest, and most horrifying people on the Internet - and some of the funniest stuff to be found anywhere. Anything and everything can, and usually does, happen here. We have our very own unique culture, and there is no group quite like us anywhere out there."
This quiz serves several purposes.
to test your knowledge of our inside jokes, known as "memes" - many have leaked to other parts of the Internet and become quite famous.
to determine how much of a 4channer you really are. For non-users, this quiz shows how well you're cut out for our site; for users, it tests how much you truly are one of us.

I took it, you should too...
I agree with one WWPite from across the pond: "68%.... I had expected (read hoped) it would be a lot lower.", but this quote is also true: "Just the fact that any of us took the test means that we're not 4chan material. If we were 4chan material we would of hacked the quiz and changed the questions."

You are 68% 4chan material.

You're an average 4channer - far from being a newfag, with plenty of knowledge of our subculture and various memes, and the potential to be downright hilarious at times. Yet you've managed to keep a few shreds of your sanity, and aren't the out-of-hand Anonymous that makes it to those news reports. In other words, you are the best kind of 4channer.

How 4chan are you?

4chan-4evar: a tame version

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