Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scientology Blackmails Celebs? [insider report]

Lights, Camera...'what are your crimes?'
scientology blackmail
Recently, the Church of Scientology has come under fire in Australia from Senator Nick Xenophon, labeling Scientology a “criminal organization” and calling for a Senate inquiry in to their practices and tax exemption. Senator Xenophon’s strong stance comes after receiving letters from seven Australian’s who are former Scientologists, making substantiated claims of torture, forced abortion, illegal imprisonment and a culture of physical and psychological abuse within the organization.

Aaron Saxton was one of these former Scientologists to have their letter tabled by Senator Xenophon. Saxton spent several years working as an enforcer of the Church of Scientology’s policies in the Sea Org.

In the two videos below, Aaron explains how Scientolgists lull celebrities into a false sense of security, then using confessional fodder, prevent them from leaving the cult and to promote Scientology's cause. Also, how the media plays into the whole picture.

Does Scientology Blackmail It's Celebrities? [Part1]
"From my position within the Church of Scientology I oversaw transportation of sensitive materials of celebrities that was to be used for blackmail."

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Does Scientology Blackmail It's Celebrities? [Part2]

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