Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crazy "elf-n magic" Cruise [video]

tom_cruise_scary_santa MSNBC ~ "After receiving less than rave reviews for his past Christmas morning performances, Tom Cruise has promised to play a more convincing Santa Claus this year.

It seems Cruise’s previous attempts to pass himself off as old St. Nick earned little more than a stern “No, dada” from his toughest critic, daughter Suri. This time, however, the actor hopes for high marks from the 3-year-old.

An undercover elf-spy reports that Tom has been practicing his new Nutcracker dance routine up at the North Pole with the help of a OT8 Scientologist, George Baillie. Below is the raw footage that shows Tom can still pump-up the volume with the help of some elf'in magic.

Be afraid, Suri, be very afraid. Your dad is crazy.

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