Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miscavige's God-awful Christmas Card [pic]

scientology rtc christmas card
Just when you thought Scientology couldn't creep-out Christmas anymore than they do already, they go and upstage themselves.

Thanks to a reader of leavingscientology, we get to gander at this year’s, most ostentatious display of excess, RTC Christmas Card.

"It is as big as a coffee-table book, ornately foiled, die-cut and hand-assembled. It is estimated that each card could have cost as much as $50 to print and assemble. The postage alone, on each card, was $5.00. It went out to “top Scientologists.” One of them, disgusted by the expense and ostentation, photographed it and sent us [in] the shots."

Yes, Scientology really has a habit of picking some beauties for their symbols. 'X'ed out crosses, pyramids, snakes and the card Miscavige sent out has a strange resemblance to an inverted pentagram.

This could be from L.Ron Hubbard's habit of borrowing [video: 13heathans] from other philosophies and religions, namely his pal Aleister Crowley [video: Hubbard audio], or maybe David Miscavige just thought it looked really cool.

Not to get all tinfoily, at what point do you draw the line between coincidence and conscious intent. I mean, how many quacks are needed before you determine a duck is a duck?

Festivus for the rest of us?
scientology christmas card Well, we've seen what the high-rollers got in the mail this year, but what do the minions of Scientology receive?

Why it's a card with a photo of L.Ron auditing an evergreen tree, asking for crusade donations. And a creepy little message from Hubbard himself (from beyond the grave), describing the Scientology's egoistical view of Christmas:

"...We are the protectors of the real tradition of Christmas - Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all. We are the hope of Man - the only hope. Mankind's salvation lies within our hands...".

I agree with what a poster at WWP said:"If that quote is for real, it offends every believing Christian on this planet on so many levels."

Xenu's Temple of Doom next?
Since so much is borrowed, I'm waiting for Miscavige to discover more lost Hubbard writings that include the Xenu Ritual inside the base of a volcano. Yeah, you know he wants to do it. If you've ever seen the gaudy sets [video: Scientology Award Ceremony] he uses for his presentations, it's the only direction left to go. Recreate the Raiders of the Lost Ark: Temple of Doom set (perfect for roasting chestnuts).

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