Monday, December 14, 2009

Scientology's Foresight: They Have None.

The Fastest Growing Changing Religion In The World.
RTC Squirrels the Definition of the Second Dynamic
It seems the only thing Scientology's tech and real technology have in common are revisions. And like Microsoft learned, early in the game, revisions mean money. So it seems Scientology is more a business model as opposed to being a religion, technically speaking.

Well one problem with all these upgrades, one of LRon's golden rules was the tech was never to be altered (or squirreled, in SciSpeak). In fact, Scientologists have gone as far as engraving L.Ron's teachings onto platinum titanium discs that are stored in a New Mexican desert stronghold. With all these altercations, it might have been a lot cheaper if they'd gone ahead and revised L.Ron's golden rule first. Last time I checked, platinum was kind of pricey (titanium, not as pricey, but still up there).

To give an example of Scientology's changing ways, Gawker has kindly posted some of L.Ron's original documents and has explained the revisions below: ~ "Current Scientology materials, including the new Introduction to Scientology Ethics and the Life Orientation Course materials, have completely changed the definition of the second dynamic.
When LRH (L.Ron Hubbard) was alive, the second dynamic was consistently described as the the urge toward sex and family . It's now being described as creativity.
[edit: This afternoon, I was made aware of a site that compares a lot of original LRH writings to what they read now COB vs LRH]

l.ron hubbard south park But what I find humorous about all this Scientology tech is these are supposed to be super-human individuals who have complete control over their environment, but have no foresight into up and coming technologies. You'd think L.Ron, while he was doing all his out of body trips to the Van Allen Belt, he would have bothered to notice a little thing like the internet, South Park, Anonymous or even blogs. Or that they were going to be Scientology's Achilles' heel.

If he had, you wouldn't be reading this right now. Would you?

The Phenomenon Known as 'The Internet'
With the help of talkshow host Jon Stewart and Senator Ted Stevens, we'll find out what this phenomenon, known as the internet, is and how it works, and maybe why L.Ron Hubbard failed to foresee it. Well maybe not that last one.

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