Sunday, December 13, 2009

TRUtv: Crazy Lady @ Scientology Protest [video]

Anonymous: Protesters With Poise
An excerpt from TRUtv's airing of "Goin' Ballistic", premiered on: Wed, Dec 9/09. Footage from one of Anonymous' protests held outside a Scientology Dianetics center in Minnesota earlier this year. Featuring a crazy lady that has a problem with people who wear masks, but seems to think everyone in the protesting group is a feline ;).

Quote from interviewed protester posted at WWP: "After a 5 hour affair of being interviewed and about 20 different questions, this is the only footage they used, which does not surprise me. They guys interviewing me had asked a lot about Chanology. My answers to that are floating in the ether somewhere I'm sure."

Minnesota Anonymous on Most Daring (TRUtv)

Minnesota Anonymous With Crazy Lady (raw footage)

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