Friday, December 11, 2009

TodayTonight: Scientology Secrets, Down Under [video]

Senator Xenophon Argues Scientology Isn't Above the Law
today/tonight: scientology report ~ South Australian Independent Senator Nick Xenophon said he had been contacted by a number of former Scientologists, after he questioned the organization tax exempt status in a recent television interview. The letters from former members that Xenophon introduced in Parliament on Tuesday night included allegations of torture and the horrible tale of one man who lost two children to what he claims are Scientology-related accidents.

The victims’ statements have been referred to police by Senator Xenophon, who argued it was now time for Federal Parliament to delve into the church and re-evaluate its tax-exemption status.

Below, a Today/Tonight interview with the former members of the cult that contacted Senator Nick Xenophon.

Today/Tonight: Scientology's Under World (Part 1)

Today/Tonight: Scientology's Under World (Part 2)

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