Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anonymous Protesters Assaulted in OZ [updated]

Rev. Mark Hanna sexually assaults proester
WWP's planning board tells of a Scientology protest to take place in Sydney, Australia today, at and around Scientology ANZO org on Greek St.

Originally, the big controversy was an ex-scientologist, Aaron Saxton, was being barred from protesting via a restraining order,[this is now unverified, and may have been a ruse to keep Saxon from attending] because he was so well known in that particular Scientology org. To combat this, Anonymous provided printable masks, so as create an ocean of Aarons.

Aaron Saxton, one of the Australians that submitted abuse reports to Nick Xenophon in november, is a very vocal opponent of Scientology and it's Sea Org group. More about Saxton can be learned at his YouTube channel, AaronSaxtonSpeaks.

Past-President of AU Scientology Goes 'NUTS' on Protesters
Information is flowing in now: According to sydanon's twitter feed, and WWP's post-protest thread. [video was retained by protesters, should be available soon]

Updated progress:
posted on this thread @ WWP. Videos and still photos along with more of the story are now available.

Scientolgist Loses It. Assaults Protesters
Original video by Zhent.(Thanks Evil)
Innocent Anonymous members assaulted by Mark Hanna, ex President of Sidney CoS(AU).

Scientologist Involved in Alleged Assault & Indecent Assault
During a 16/01/10 protest against Scientology's abuses in front of Scientology's Greek St headquarters a man approached the protest group, providing a card identifying himself as "Mark Hanna", purportedly an employee of a law firm. He said he had a message for Aaron Tweddell (aka former Scientologist Aaron Saxton).
He then proceeded down Greek St, approaching Aaron. A photographer on the footpath in front of him was grabbed and hugged by Hanna against his will. Hanna attempted to kiss the photographer against his will. Hanna was restrained by a bystander. While restrained he grabbed a camera from another bystander and refused to return it until nearby police officers approached.
Video footage has been provided to police and assault charges are being laid.

Older Recap:
Their raid was full of lulz, I was told that they spoke on the bull horn for nearly four hours in front of AOSH ANZO.

Then a very strange thing happened, [Rev] Mark Hanna, Vicky Dunstan's first husband and the President of the Church of Scientology (ANZO) up until recently, came out and handed his card to Kooka [a protester], which read; Mark Hanna, Lawyer. She[the protester] said he was shaking.

He[Hanna] then went up the street and spat on one Anon[a protester?], tried to kiss another[see photo] and snatched the I-phone from a third before he was restrained by the lawful Anons[protesters].

Here's the big news, it was in front of media and was captured by several phones and cameras. It will be aired nation wide in the news tomorrow.

Mark Hanna is currently being questioned by the police.

The funny thing is that Aaron was trying to obtain the "Temporary Restraining Order" that was supposedly to be served, the Glebe police knew nothing of it.

So, all in all the Anons had a very big day full of win.

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