Sunday, January 17, 2010

AnonyNews 01.16.10 Broadcast [poc video]

anonynews Well, it looks like Anonymous finally has their very own weekly recap magazine hosted on YouTube, or the proof of concept, anyway.

From the posting over at WWP:
"The plan is to collect and compile the highlights of all WWP sections, and other chanology boards, other projects like skynet, the chans and the insurgents, into one news-text for the news-section, blogs, and a tube news broadcast."

They go on to say, "...After the production process has been worked out, we´ve started a pilot to proof that the concept actually worked. To produce the newsbroadcast below, 3 newSfags, one voicefag, one actorfag and two videofags were needed, and 5 Days time.

But if this is going to succeed, it looks like they could use your help. See the thread or their wiki, Operation AnonyNews, for more information.

AnonyNews Week of 01.16.10 [part 1]

AnonyNews Week of 01.16.10 [part 2]

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